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Search for people in Skype for Business. In the search box, type the person's Skype Name, full name, or email address. Click the Skype Directory tab to search the directory. When you see the listing for the person you want to add, point at their picture to see your options (such as message, voice call, video call or. To access the Skype Directory, launch the Skype application and sign in to your account. Using the search field, enter the Skype Name, email address or name of your contacts. It will pull up a list according to the word you have used for searching. This is your Skype directory. Skype For Dummies. The ability to search Skype is a powerful feature. Although you can search for a Skype name, full name, or e-mail address, you can narrow your search based on a set of filters. The Skype search directory gives you a number of ways to look for fellow skypers.

Select the add contact icon or click directly in the search text box and type the name, Skype name or email of the person you want to add. Click Search Skype. Find out how to add a friend, relative or colleague to your Skype contact list. name in the Skype directory or to add a phone number that you already know. One of the new features is integration with the Skype Directory. You can now add Skype users into your Skype for Business client. All it takes is.

This article demonstrates step-by-step instructions for Searching Skype Directory & add a Skype contact in Skype for Business. This blog post highlights the changes that Skype for Business have brought to Lync/Skype for Business to Skype (Consumer) Connectivity. It's intended to correct. People and friends can be found on Skype by searching for their email addresses, usernames, Click on “Add Contact,” then click on “Search Skype Directory. The Lync Federation Directory enables organisations to easily connect with other federated Lync and OCS orgnisations around the world. In Skype, it's easy to find and connect with your Skype friends and colleagues by doing a simple search of the Skype directory. You can now search that same.

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